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Automotive World Magazine – November 2023

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – November 2023

Moving to electric vehicles (EVs) promises environmental benefits but the scale of those benefits will depend on many factors. The battery supply chain entails well-known ESG concerns, from water pollution and deforestation to child labour and inhumane working conditions. What if the industry moved away from heavy SUVs, with large batteries, to smaller, lighter models? This month we take a deep dive into research that suggests it’s the key to slashing demand for critical metals.

We also hear from Lamborghini about its vision for electromobility, Cupra on its US launch ambitions and Volvo Buses on greening the North American fleet.

In this issue:

  • Are smaller EVs the key to sustainable e-mobility?
  • ‘Digital first’: the secret of Mercedes’ new production era
  • Bus and coach future-proofing, Volvo style
  • China’s tech dominance drives new VC opportunity in the West
  • The American dream: Cupra targets US in global push
  • Lamborghini strives to capture the ICE experience in new EV
  • Inside Stellantis’ multi-brand manufacturing strategy
  • Asian nations pivotal to sustainable, electric future
  • Could patent licence agreements advance automotive 5G?
  • How can generative AI remodel the automotive industry?
  • China’s heavy-duty FCEV leadership is a “long-term” play
  • Can sealants and adhesives help make Net Zero a reality?
  • A healthier car starts with automotive interior materials
  • Renewable functional fillers boost vehicle lightweighting
  • EV players must collaborate on integrated battery cooling

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